Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Crochet Needle Case

I must apologize for not uploading any videos on the bishop dress making yet.  
Something came up over the weekend that has had my mind in another place.  I have something ready to post later today.
Unable to concentrate on the bishop pattern instructions, I decided to make this crochet needle case to take my mind off of things.  It was a super easy project and only took me 20 minutes to make.
I didn't even think about doing a tutorial until after I was finished.
But it was so easy that I'm sure you can understand my description.

First of all, let me say that I don't mind cutting corners sometimes, and I especially like to recycle things around the house.  The green apart, the sleeves the crochet needles slide into, is actually a chopstick holder.  We bought it in the dollar spot at Target some years back.  The chopsticks have been long broken and so I'm excited to give it a new life.  Upcycling is what this is commonly called when you take an old piece of clothing and turn it into something new.
  1. I laid the chopstick holder down on a piece of scrap fabric of my choice.  I traced around the fabric so that there would be a flap on three sides.  I wanted the flaps to fold over and completely cover the sleeves.  So the top flap is the length of the chopstick holder and each side flap is the width of the chopstick holder.
  2. I put a satin stitch all the way around the fabric I cut, to put a nice, simple finish on the edges.
  3. I laid the chopstick holder where I wanted it and then just put three stitches to secure it in place.  I followed the seams that were already on it, for the chopsticks sleeves.
  4. Finally I attached a piece of ribbon to the back of one of the side flaps, so that I could roll it up and tie it closed.  

I found one of my crochet needles.  ( I have two)  See, I needed this already.  I did find my latch hook and put that in there too.  Who does latch hook anymore? 


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