Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Her First Christmas Dress - What Was I Thinking?

This is another one of those things where I should have taken a before and after photo.  The red stretch velvet bodice of this dress was cut from one of my favorite shirts.  A shirt that I've had for a very very long time and it looked as great as the day I bought it.  I decided to make something for Carolina out of this dress in a pouty huff.  I was throwing a fit over having baby weight and looking for something comfortable to breastfeed in.  I snatched this shirt out of the drawer and tossed it onto the top of my scrap fabric heap.  I started imagining a dress.  Too bad it's too big for her this year.  It's the "newborn" sized dress in the McCalls M6103 pattern.  I added the sash and bow around the waist and made a matching head band.  It's really pretty.  Kai wants a matching dress.  Maybe I'll make hers to fit her next year too. 


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