Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Napkins

I finally made some napkins out of the fabric I used to make drapes for our kitchen, 4 years ago.

They look so good sitting in the napkin holder I bought at Betty Ann Garmon's Estate Sale a few weeks ago. Even if it has been glued back together with J.B. Weld. (It was broken within 20 minutes of me bringing it home.)

I made 10 napkins. 12x12. Two of the sides of this fabric roll up. I think they look nice. All are not cut to exact measurements.

I decided to embroider a letter "U" on them. Daniel said, "Are we those kind of people? So fancy that we have our napkins embroidered?"

I said, "I guess we are now."

"One of the benefits to having a wife that likes to sew. We get to be those kind of people without having to spend that kind of money." Daniel said.

The embroidery didn't turn out so hot. I keep having problems with the tension on my machine, and it's especially noticeable when I'm embroidering. I haven't used my machine a whole lot in the past few months, and the last time I had it serviced I remember mentioning the same problem. I'm gonna have to have it serviced again as soon as I can. It'll be nice if I can have the ability to take it back up there if it doesn't work properly. Perhaps I should test it before I leave the sewing center next time. That seems like a pretty simple thing to do.


  1. My service man will reservice within three months for free. maybe yours will too.

  2. That was really from Mandy. I need to get that changed if I can.

  3. Ha! You don't have to tell me it's you. I already know ♥
    and thanks for the tip!