Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Delsin's Kilt

Adding something to my blog page for the first time in aeons. Maybe today I'll add some more of the things I've been working on for the past few months.

Delsin has been asking for a dress. Who can blame him when he spends his days with two girly tom boys? And nearly everything I make for him is something I've made for Kai, except for dresses, and I think he's been feeling left out. After I made her easter dress he was wanting a pretty frilly dress, but yesterday he settled on this style and this fabric. I used this website to guide me in my kilt making. But what I ended up with is more like a cross between a kilt and this (which Delsin really liked, but wanted a "more scary color like green". He decided on this small plaid print. I like that it's long and if he chooses it can grow with him. I didn't leave enough room in the fabric to make pleats all the way around.

I'd say he ROCKS this look!


  1. That is too Cute and Too Funny!
    Tell Daniel its a family thing!
    We used to dig thru old boxes of clothes and dress Daniel and Natalie up in my old dresses that we found!!! LOL!
    Except they were frilly! :)