Sunday, May 3, 2015

Easy Bath Apron Tutorial

I just got done converting all of our hooded baby towels into bath aprons.

Bath apron

I saw bath aprons on Pinterest in recent years.  I pinned one that was made from a regular bath towel, but we already have several hooded baby towels.  I knew I would be using those.  

It was really simple actually.  Using scraps of ribbon stuffed into my ribbon basket I just took ones that were about a foot in length and sewed one on each side of each hood.

You just tie the ribbons around your neck, then you already have a towel in place when it's time to get your baby out of the bath.  No reaching/dropping/sweating bullets while keeping hold of the baby and grabbing a towel at the same time. 

Thanks for checking it out.  What did you work on this weekend?


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