Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some projects I've been working on lately.....

In addition to baby wipes, soaker pads & blankets
I made Carolina Jane her first outfit, pictured above.
I was so happy it actually fit. First time I've made a first outfit that wasn't too big.
Not pictured is her matching booties (fit her better than any of our store bought ones :)
and her matching hat (pictured in the last photo).

I used McCall's M6103 for the gown, hat and booties. I left the sleeves long to cover her hands. The hat is too big, but we're just folding it up one time to make it fit better.

I made her some pants that are too big & I haven't taken a picture of. I used the same fabric to make her the above skirt & matching prefold diaper, soaker pads & baby wipes.
I didn't use a pattern for this.

This past week I put the finishing touches on the above outfits for the kids.
I was so excited to have a new dress ready for Carolina Jane's first Sunday at church.
I was even more excited when I was able to make matching attire for Delsin & Kai.
Carolina also got 2 matching diapers and then a diaper cover for additional diapers needed.
I made her dress from New Look 6576

I made the girl's hair bows using this tutorial. For Carolina I glued hers to a headband I made with a piece of ribbon and a piece of elastic.

Kai's dress was from a pattern G.G. gave me. It was a pattern she used to make dresses for my mama when she was a little girl. The pattern is a size 2 and I was disappointed in myself for missing my opportunity to make it when Kai was a size 2. (I had put it away till she was big enough and forgotten about it.) So I had to make a few adjustments & it turned out alright, but is a little too big up top, for her comfort. I also made her matching bloomers. She loves how the dress flares out when she twirls. She had fallen down and gotten pouty when I told her, "When you're feeling down, just twirl around!" She got up and twirled around, and gasped with excitement. The rest of the day she showed every body (whether they looked at her or not) how her dress twirls around.
Pattern: ADVANCE 8627

Delsin got a matching vest. I thought he looked handsome as all get out, but I'm not sure how he felt about it. He seemed pretty eager to get it off. Asking me if he had to keep it on at church & taking it off in the truck. I wish his cowboy boots hadn't been too muddy to wear, because the ostrich would have matched this polka dotted fabric so well. They were similar colors too. I didn't use a pattern for his vest. I just traced around a vest he already had in his closet.

The bassinet was an awesome find at a Goodwill for $7.49!
It's wicker and all I did was finish off a can of white spray paint we already had around the house. Then I used some white satin I had on hand to make her 2 sheets, bumper pad, & ruffles to go around the bassinet & stand. I'm so proud. Gosh, I just noticed, from the picture, I need to iron those things.
I didn't have to use a pattern. I basically just draped the fabric around and cut where needed, then hemmed it and sewed elastic all the way around one edge of each ruffle.

There she is in that cute little cap I made for her birthday.

Then yesterday morning I made her these pants from a halter top that mom had given me a while ago. It didn't fit me right, so rather than throw it away or give it to a thrift store I was so happy to be able to make her some really cute pants.
Today Kai asked me if I was going to make her wear them every day.
I used a New Look pattern 6310 as a guide. This is the pattern I used to make her pants from earlier, but they were too big. So this time I made a smaller pattern than what came in the package.


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