Monday, May 10, 2010

Our flannel calendar

So I've had a ton of flannel that I need to use up. I went crazy at a Joann's sale a few years back. I think I've mentioned it here before. Anyway, I decided after much googling to make a flannel board, but most of my flannel is printed, so it just seemed like more work than I cared to do. Then one day it came to me. As I was wishing the kids had more of an understanding of time passed. "I should make a flannel board calendar!"

It's a dark photo, but you get the idea. The kids love marking the days, when I keep us in the habit of doing it.
Here are a few more pictures of some of the month embroideries.

Edited to Add:

I didn't take pictures of all of the months, for some strange reason.  And just now I realized that my 18 month old has gotten my memory card out of the computer and we cannot find it! 


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