Monday, May 10, 2010

Does this count as a sewing project?

I didn't actually sew the table cloth.
All I did was cut it to size and let the ends roll up the way they like to.
I may go back and actually put some kind of zig zag stitch on the ends to keep them from unravelling if it becomes a problem as I wash it repeatedly.
The napkin holder is no longer with us. I decided to retire it when I came in to the kitchen to find it in the floor in pieces yet a thrid time. All new broken spots mind you, but still broken again nonetheless. I figures I could have JB Welded the new brake, & it might have been fine, but it was starting to look sad with all the patch work. So I'm on the hunt for another napkin holder. One that can hold more than 3 of my homemade napkins too.
This super nice patio table came from our backyard neighbor. She's such a sweet neighbor. We really did luck out with having awesome neighbors in our neighborhood. That's one of our favorite things about living here. The table is iron. It's def. not going to rot away!

Our flannel calendar

So I've had a ton of flannel that I need to use up. I went crazy at a Joann's sale a few years back. I think I've mentioned it here before. Anyway, I decided after much googling to make a flannel board, but most of my flannel is printed, so it just seemed like more work than I cared to do. Then one day it came to me. As I was wishing the kids had more of an understanding of time passed. "I should make a flannel board calendar!"

It's a dark photo, but you get the idea. The kids love marking the days, when I keep us in the habit of doing it.
Here are a few more pictures of some of the month embroideries.

Edited to Add:

I didn't take pictures of all of the months, for some strange reason.  And just now I realized that my 18 month old has gotten my memory card out of the computer and we cannot find it!